why we strike

We demand The City of Winnipeg declare A Climate Emergency.

Our goal is to join the other Canadian cities who have now declared climate emergencies. This means climate change impacts must be prioritized in any policy decisions made by the city. The city must also fast-track a plan to become carbon-neutral within the next ten years; with measures like investing in renewable energy, becoming zero-waste, and making the city a safer place for the communities that will be most impacted by climate change.

We demand The Federal Government cut emissions to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 C.

We don’t have enough time to fight climate change with small, slow changes. Emissions in Canada are still rising. The federal government just bought a 4.5 billion dollar pipeline. Does that sound like climate action to you? No!

Our goal is to transition our whole way of life. That means tackling our biggest emitters: our food, transportation, and energy. We know workers are concerned about losing their jobs, and we want the government to promise workers they will be trained and given good jobs that heal the environment instead of hurting it. No one should have to choose between a job and a clean planet.

We believe in the importance of respecting Indigenous rights and sovereignty. As part of the transition to a better way of life, we believe the Canadian government must make The UN Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous People into law.

These demands are in line with the demands of Greta Thunberg and Climate Strike Canada.


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